Press to de-stress is an immigrant art initiative that makes bad news more bearable for people by covering it with a coat of bubble wrap. It lives as posters, newspaper cards and a stress-free moment in people’s memories.


In 2017, Deep Chhabria, a copywriter and comedian and Pritika Mathur, an Art Director & Illustrator, moved to New York from Mumbai to study advertising. As new immigrants, they collectively noticed the rising stress levels in Americans due to the downpour of bad news and the ongoing political chaos. They knew something had to be done and soon their answer came in a delivery box in the form of a waste sheet of bubble wrap.


Research proves that a minute of bubble popping releases as much stress as a 33-minute massage and could actually be more effective than yoga and meditation. And who doesn’t prefer some good old bubble popping to tacky fidget spinners.


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Mid-Day Mumbai

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Homegrown India  

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Press to De-stress aims to showcase the spirit of Immigrant Art at prominent cultural exhibits.
Its first presentation was at Artery’s Immigrant & Exile Showcase in Brooklyn.
And it’ll soon be seen at more shows.

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